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Quarantine at 908


At the end of March, the United States was thrust into a stay at home order.  With everything going on in regard to COVID-19, the government ‘strongly recommended’ that everyone stay inside and limit your interaction with the public.  Well, this resulted in me moving out of my dorm room and back to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. With the college kids coming back, my household now had 5 people in it daily, instead of just my youngest brother and our parents.  My oldest brother is staying put at his apartment in State College, while he finishes his senior year at Penn State.


I work at a grocery store, Oregon Dairy, along with my two younger brothers.  We have been putting in quite a few hours since this all started, because people are panic buying groceries and emptying our shelves.  I have been working almost full time since coming home, so trying to balance that work with all of my schoolwork has proven to be quite the challenge.  


This documentary is a brief look into the life and home that is the Jantzen family.  It is a mix of a vlog and a documentary, with snippets of me talking about work and me interviewing my family.  It is not the most formally done documentary, but that just goes to show a little bit of how my family is. We have fun!  We laugh with each other and we are not always serious. We have been thrown into days of not leaving the house and trying to keep one another busy.  


My brothers and I are trying to get used to doing our school work and having classes and lectures online or over a video call, my mom is working from home as much as she can because her restaurant had to be shut down for a while, and my father is still going to his office, but less frequently and with fewer people.  


This is a look into our life.  We hope everyone is keeping busy and staying safe and healthy!


The Jantzens

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