908: 2018

I use photography as a means to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments that one day you will look back on and smile.  I make pictures for myself and others to look back on and remember “the good old days.” My goal for this project is to give viewers a sense of nostalgia and to have them reminisce on their childhood.  In this project I have three sets of photographs. I have three pictures of the outside environment of my house, three pictures of the inside space of my house, and three pictures that include the people that live in my house.  One of the images in this project is a shot of our old basketball hoop. The net is missing, and the backboard is full of holes. At first glance it look worn and not very good, but looking at longer, one starts to imagine the amount of use it got when it was new.  I know that when I look at it I immediately reminisce on the days when my brothers and I would spend the whole afternoon pretending that we were professional basketball players and would play around until our mother called us in for dinner. This is the kind of feeling I want people to get when they look at this project.  


My choice of subject comes from a place of overlooked beauty. Another one of the pictures in my project is an image of a cookie jar, a little light, and some books on a shelf in my basement.  When I was taking the shot, my friend was with me and she said, “I don’t really see why that is worth taking a picture of.” After I had already taken it, I thought that maybe she was right. However after I printed the image I realized that I had done exactly what I was trying not to do.  It is such a simple image yet it the little things in it are beautiful, and I walk by it in my house everyday in my house but I have never stopped to really look at it. As kids we often take our childhood for granted as we cannot wait to grow up and start doing adult things. When creating this project I started by walking around my house without my camera just looking at things and taking notes and planning out shots in my head.  I made a list of “those little things that aren’t worth the picture” and I went back and took photographs of almost all of them.  


I am inspired by the moments that we will eventually lose to ourselves.  As the years go by and we get older we will start to forget the little things from our childhood.  We might not totally forget about them, but after a while we will start to lose the small details. We won’t remember those nights where our family is just sitting around the dining room table together, talking about nothing in particular.  One picture that took with this in mind the shot of my two dogs, Teddy and Luke, enframed in the door. Whenever they hear my car door shut outside, they will run to the door and wait for me to get to them, wagging their tails with excitement.  This is one memory I hope I never forget. When people look at my photography I want them to feel this sense of remembrance as they try and look back on their childhood and remember the small things that made them happy.